Dell Venue 10 Android 2-in-1 breaks cover

Earlier on, we told you about Dell’s upcoming Venue 8 7000 and the fact that as things stand, it might just be the thinnest tablet in the world. Well, we’ve also received word that, as desirable as the Venue 8 seems to be, Dell’s not pinning all its hopes on that one device. The company’s also is working on releasing a new 2-in-1 Android device – the Dell Venue 10.

Dell Venue 10 2-in-1 tablet PC
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Versatility and flexibility, 2-in-1 style

The company showed off the Venue 10 at the Intel Developer Forum, which was held this past week in San Francisco. Were you there? If so, you may have been lucky enough to see it for yourself.

In line with its 2-in-1 designation, this upcoming tablet is specifically designed to interface with a keyboard, but if you don’t need to type on one, you can detach the two very easily. Whether this tablet is going to be as slim as the Venue 8 or not is still up in the air – what appears to be evident, however, is that there’s a cylindrical section on one end, a la the Lenovo tablet lineup. In this application, as it’s used in the Venue 10, the extended battery might signify that this unit is intended for heavy-duty usage.

The Lenovo Yoga tablet range, however, has a built in kickstand, while Dell appears to be going in a different direction with its own lineup of tablets. If the Venue 10 will be anything like the Venue 8 – Dell sells a keyboard dock that can be attached to the tablet with a magnetic connector – Dell might not need a swing-out kickstand like the Lenovo units use. Then again, a closer look at the picture might indicate that the central cylinder swings out – so maybe this could be a kickstand after all. Only time will tell.

Perhaps the last item of interest is the screen aspect ratio. It’s a tad narrower than most other tablets today – it actually looks akin to the older Microsoft Surface units, and a far cry from the newer screens that debuted in the Surface Pro.

Price and availability… ?

Who knows? Seriously, not much is known just yet about the Dell Venue 10, including when we might see it in the sheet metal or how much it might cost when it does drop. You’ll just have to keep checking back with us.

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