New FreedomPop plans to transform LTE tablets into phones

Further blurring the lines between devices – as if the distinction between them isn’t already blurry enough in this day and age – California-based service provider FreedomPop has announced plans to debut new plans, coupled with inexpensively priced LTE tablets for those who want them, that will rock connectivity features that will make them the equal of smartphones, at least as far as usage is concerned. Intrigued? Read on!

Samsung GALAXY Tab 3 8-inch Android tablet PC
Calling, texting, and surfing… on one of these babies (and others)

Free voice, data and SMS ahoy

For those of you from the States who love freebies and who hanker after better voice and data service, FreedomPop may be just what the doctor ordered, so to speak. Not only will the company’s new plans feature free data, they’ll also offer free voice and SMS, thanks to a new feature that allows for users to associate unique phone numbers with their FreedomPop tablets. It’s an interesting workaround that will allow those using tablets to use them just like phones. (Hopefully not to the extent that they hold up their tablets to their faces in public to make calls and all that jazz, but we digress.)

Wait, how much data, voice and SMS, you ask? 500 MB of data, 200 voice-minutes and 500 texts. Not unlimited, but not too shabby.

FreedomPop apparently wants users to use their LTE-powered tablets however they see fit or are most comfortable. Not only will these tablets feature telephone features, for instance, they’ll also allow their users to communicate seamlessly using apps like Uber or WhatsApp – apps that require a device phone number. Not bad, eh?

What units are available?

Okay, we’re sure many of you are suspecting that the catch is that the only tablets available will be no-name tablets, or brand-name tablets but which are so iffy that they might as well be no-namers. Not to worry – FreedomPop will (initially at least) sell two LTE-powered tablets, namely the iPad mini ($319) and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 ($199).

But you don’t have to buy a unit from them to get access to these plans: the company says that users who already have LTE tablets can also sign up for these new plans.

source [BGR]

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