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Announcing the AARP RealPad, for the golden oldies

We know, the tablet market has been getting soft as of late, as – so analysts say – people may be realizing that they don’t need to change their tablets as often as they feel they need to buy new smartphones. Whether that’s true or not, the range of tablets on tap continues to diversify. You may not have given much thought to older folks and their gadget needs, but you have to admit that, most especially technology-wise, their needs aren’t always catered to. Enter, then, the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) RealPad, intended just for seniors!

AARP RealPad Android tablet PC

Ease of use for older folks

As you might well be suspecting, the RealPad is no hot rod. It’s a middle range tablet that doesn’t feature anything close to top-level specs – but if you’re a senior or are thinking of getting a senior a tablet, this may be the one for you. AARP is touting the RealPad’s ease of use and it’s supposedly got features that will endear it to its target market.

Essentially, the RealPad is a run of the mill Android slate. It’s up to date as regards software, running KitKat 4.4. Core to its mission is its custom app launcher that also showcases icons that are larger than usual, making them easier to see and read. Users also get special AARP features – an AARP app, with “games and benefits”, AARP Publications and AARP Tools – and a bunch of other apps too.

The RealPad runs on a 1.2 GHz Intel dual-core processor and has 1 GB of system memory. It’s got a 7.85-inch touchscreen with a 1024 x 768 pixel resolution. There’s 16 GB of onboard memory on tap and it’s expandable via a microSD card slot. Users get a 5 MP main camera (“webcam”, according to the Walmart product page) and 2 MP front snapper.

All this is of course not really anything noteworthy, but AARP’s baked in a ton of help features that might just be what the RealPad’s owners (who’re apparently envisioned to be tech-shy folks) might really crave. Owners get 24/7 live help over the phone; standard step by step videos loaded in the tablet itself; and a unique “RealQuick Fix tool” which can supposedly diagnose problems with just a click (we’d love to give that one a spin).

The cost of convenience

The clincher is that the AARP RealPad will cost $189 when it drops – that might be a bit of a high price to pay considering that you can get Android tablets (some from big-name companies) for less nowadays, and most of its apps can be downloaded and installed for free. (Except for the 24-7 live help, of course.) Still if you’re looking for a one-box solution that should be good to go from purchase, this one might fit the bill.

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