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Pipo Work W4 – Another low cost slate for Chinese market

Of late, we’ve been seeing cheaper and cheaper Windows 8 slates, and well, Chinese manufacturers like Pipo have really been pushing the envelope lower and lower. That of course, has been the plan all along for Microsoft and its partners, lower prices and more devices mean more exposure after all. This time, we’re taking a closer look at the Pipo Work W4 which will cost US $81 once it hits the shelves.

Pipo Work W4 Windows 8 tablet PC
image via mikecanex.wordpress.com


Pipo Work W4 – Affordable productivity tablet PC

As its name suggests, this baby will be geared toward productivity. Like most uber affordable Windows slates, the Work W4 features an 8-inch display. In this case it’s an IPS panel that can produce a 1280 x 800 pixel resolution. Under the hood, it is powered by an Intel Atom Z3735F quad-core (Bay Trail) processor, coupled with 1 GB of RAM. You may need some extra storage especially if you’re a file packrat or apps crazy, since this slate only sports 16 GB of internal storage. It likely will have a microSD card slot, however. Other features include a 0.3 MP webcam, a 2 MP rear shooter, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, and a 4500 mAh battery.


By this time, you may have found yourself wondering about the mini Windows 8 tablet deluge, the reason is simple enough. Microsoft has been giving away its operating system for free to manufacturers – that is, it’s free if they put it in a tablet with a small display (9 inches and below). It seems like that incentive is paying off, don’t you think?


Admittedly, affordable Windows 8 slates like the Pipo Work W4 don’t offer much in the specs department, but then again, if you just need something to check spreadsheets or edit work documents while on the commute, a sub-100 dollar price tag seems very tempting.

So where do I sign up?

Well, if you’re in China, then you’re in luck. The Pipo Work W4 will hit the shelves there soon enough, we don’t know when exactly though. If you’re outside of China, worry not. We’re pretty sure that this Windows slate, like other Chinese-made tablet PCs, will be available from online retailers and such.

via [Liliputing]

source [MikeCaneX]

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Meet the new Asus VivoTab 8 (M81C)

Microsoft and Intel have been pushing hard for small Windows devices, and here comes another one from Asus called the VivoTab 8. Sound a little familiar? Well, that’s because Asus released a small Windows tablet (their first) early this year and that was called the VivoTab Note 8. How is this new model different?

Asus VivoTab 8 (M81C) Windows 8.1 tablet PC

New Asus VivoTab 8 – Budget-friendly Windows 8 slate

Before we get into that, let’s check out what we can get out of the new slate. The new VivoTab 8 (model number M81C) packs an 8-inch 1280 x 800 WXGA IPS display, a 1.86 GHz Intel Atom Z3745 Bay Trail quad-core processor, and 1 GB of RAM (its product page indicates that models with 2 GB RAM will also be available). The M81C will also have 32 GB of built-in storage – you can add 64 GB to that using the unit’s microSD card slot. Other features are pretty standard: WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, two 2 MP cameras for the front and rear, a micro USB port, and a whole slew of sensors. According to Asus, the new VivoTab 8’s 15.2Wh battery can provide power for about 8 hours of use.

The new slate will be pretty light and portable at 330 g and 124.9 x 211.7 x 8.8 mm.

So what’s the difference between the new and old? The most noticeable difference is the lack of a Wacom digitizer, which means that the M81C will probably be slightly cheaper that the Note 8. The VivoTab 8 seems like a slightly nerfed Note 8, to be honest. The Note features a 5 MP rear camera (and a 1.86 MP front camera), a slightly bigger 15.5W battery, and comes with 2 GB of RAM. It’s even available in 32 GB and 64 GB models.

So how much is it?

Asus has yet to reveal that bit of information, but we do know that it’ll come in four colors (black, white, purple, gold) when it does hit the streets. When is another question that Asus hasn’t answered as of yet but we suppose it will be available within the next few months.

So while we wait for an official announcement with regards to pricing and availability, what do you think? Would you get a VivoTab 8? Or would you rather get the VivoTab Note 8 (which by the way you can now get for around US $250)?

via [Liliputing]

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iBall debuts Slide WQ32 business slate in India

When it rains Windows tablets, it pours Windows tablets. Even outside of IFA 2014, it appears many companies elsewhere are really quite fixated on them. We’re not surprised – even in a world where Apple and Google are ultra-prominent, Windows is still the name many people think of when it comes to business solutions. In this vein, we’ve just received word that Indian tech firm iBall has just launched its new Slide WQ32 business tablet in the local market – scroll down to learn more about this new device!

iBall Slide WQ32 Windows 8.1 tablet PC

iBall’s first 3G business tablet

The 8-inch, 1280 x 800-pixel Slide WQ32 is iBall’s first foray into the world of 3G-enabled slates. It’s a decidedly midrange device, featuring the familiar quad-core 1.33 GHz Intel Atom Z3735D processor, and running on 2 GB RAM. The Slide WQ32 comes with 16 GB of built in storage that’s expandable through a microSD card slot. It’s also got two cameras, a 5 MP autofocus rear camera with flash and a 2 MP front snapper. Nothing super special in these terms, and just about right for the segment in which it competes.

But iBall’s also worked to try and make the Slide WQ32 more interesting to business types, so don’t write it off just yet. The slate will come generously bundled with a Microsoft Office 365 Personal subscription and 1TB of OneDrive cloud storage with OneDrive Sync – both free for a year – as well as Windows Defender Antivirus and Firewall. Also, according to iBall, the Slide WQ32 is able to connect to a range of plug and play peripherals like keyboards and ‘mice’ – and even scanners, projectors and speakers thanks to an HDMI out port and USB OTG compatibility, thus boosting its usability for business applications.

How much?

iBall will be asking Rs. 16,999 for the Slide WQ32 when it hits shelves in India, which, according to the firm, should take place within a few weeks.

(By the way, the company also mentioned that it would be launching its very first two-in-one, a 10.1-inch device, at the end of September in India, for those users for whom a dedicated tablet might not be what they need for work.)

source [NDTV Gadgets]

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ASUS preparing to launch ultra-budget MeMo Pad ME70CX

Don’t you just love big events like the IFA 2014? As our recent articles have shown, tech news junkies will definitely be spoiled for choice there, even just as a consequence of keeping track of the coverage of said event. Here today we’ve got an upcoming unit that may be launched during IFA 2014 – but which, even there, is practically guaranteed to stand out. Read more about the ASUS MeMo Pad ME70CX here!

Asus Memo Pad ME70CX

MeMo Pad ME70CX: A super cheap ASUS tablet

With this upcoming tablet, ASUS is taking a page from the manufacturers of inexpensive tablets who are flooding the market with exceedingly affordable devices. Because, yes, this is an inexpensive device – but can you folks guess how inexpensive? All of $97, believe it or not.

Nor is it going to be junk, even at that price. Our source says that the ME70CX is going to come with an Intel Atom Z2520 processor, 8 GB of internal memory (no word regarding expandability) and around 8 hours’ worth of battery life. Far from range-topping, but, again, far from something you use for a month or two and then throw away.

As we mentioned, this tablet will most probably launch at IFA 2014 – if, that is, it’s ready to launch by then. It’s intended for the markets where these sorts of ultra-affordable devices can make a really significant impact – the markets where plenty of other devices like them are already extremely popular: the booming markets of Southeast Asia and China.

A game-changer?

ASUS is one of those tech firms which is moving plenty of hardware, but which isn’t making all that much money off of what it’s selling. In 2013 our source says that the company moved 12 million units; the equivalent figure for the first half of 2014 is 6.1 million tablets – but that said, the company’s not making a whole lot of cash off those units.

We don’t expect the MeMo Pad ME70CX to significantly alter this equation, if at all, but it’ll still be interesting to see how well it and other branded slates like it will do versus the really inexpensive no-brand tablets they were created to fight. We’re sure we’ll find out very soon.

source [Tablet-News]

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Flipkart launches 5 Digiflip Pro tablets in India

India, one of the healthiest markets for technology nowadays, has just been graced by five new Digiflip Pro tablets care of Indian retailer Flipkart – the DigiFlip Pro XT911, XT901, XT811, XT801 and ET701. Scroll down to find out more about these new tablets!

FlipKart DigiFlip Pro Android tablet PC line
image via bgr.in

The deets on the DigiFlip Pro tablet PCs

Specs-wise, these new tablets are all over the place – and that’s a good thing for Flipkart, because this new range allows the company to cover quite a bit of ground. The screen sizes range from seven inches (the ET701, 1024 x 600 pixels) to eight inches (the XT801, 1280 x 800 pixels) to 8.9 inches (1920 x 1200 pixels).

The range of processors available isn’t anywhere near as wide – all are dual-core, and all by Intel; the ET701 is powered by the 1.2 GHz Atom Z2520, while all the others are powered by the 2 GHz Atom Z2580. The ET701 makes do with 8 GB of internal storage, while all the rest have twice (all these models have expandable storage, so that’s not really an issue). The situation is similar camera-wise, with the ET701 having just a 2 MP VGA main camera (and apparently no front facing snapper), while the others have 5 MP main cameras and 2 M front facing units.

Regarding the last two areas of interest – battery and connectivity – the distinctions between these five units are less clear cut. The ET701 has a 2,800mAh battery; the XT801 and XT811 have 4,200mAh units; and the XT901 and XT911 6,500mAh batteries. In terms of connectivity, the ET701 has both 3G and Wi-Fi; the XT801 and XT901 have Wi-Fi capabilities alone; and the XT811 and XT911 possess both 3G and voice calling capabilities.

Will you flip for these DigiFlip Pros?

The DigiFlip Pro tablets are decidedly low-end and/or midrange units given their spec sheets. This assertion is backed up by their pricing. Low man in the DigiFlip Pro range is the ET701, which goes for the equivalent of just $99; up next is the XT801, costing $148; then we have the XT811, priced at $181; following is the XT901 at $231; and lastly the top of the line unit, the XT911, which costs $264.

Have any of these units piqued your interest? Let’s see how they do in their home market.

source [Boy Genius Report India]

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Lenovo gearing up to launch the Tab S8 and ThinkPad Helix 2 at IFA 2014

Just the other day, we told you that Lenovo was planning to unleash its IdeaTab S8-50 upon an unsuspecting IFA 2014 (pardon the drama). Now we’ve heard that not only is Lenovo going to release this unit, but it’s also on the verge of launching another one – the ThinkPad Helix 2. Scroll down to find out more about these two upcoming units!

The Tab S8: a rose by any other name

We took a close look at the Tab S8 and it seems identical to the IdeaTab S8-50 we told you about the other day – well, save for a couple of details.

Lenovo Tab S8 Android Tablet PC

The eight-inch Tab S8 features the very same Intel Atom Z3745 (Bay Trail) processor that powers the S8-50, and also comes with an 8 MP main camera, 2 GB of RAM and Android 4.4 KitKat. The only thing that’s different – which in this case would redound to an extra detail of this unit, whatever its final name ends up to be – is the colorful case (check out the bright hue of that unit in the picture). If the unit will really be made available in that color, it might really help it stand out – which it might really need to do to successfully compete in the midrange segment.

The ThinkPad Helix 2: the tablet-laptop writ large

Now let’s take a quick look at the ThinkPad Helix 2, which is, yes, one of ‘em tablet-laptop combos – but is also slightly different, Lenovo-style.

Lenovo ThinkPad Helix 2

This 11.6-inch, Full HDIPS unit is powered by an Intel Core i7 (!) processor – which means of course that it will be priced to match. That said, we also hear that a less expensive version could be powered by a Bay Trail processor. Other specs of interest: a 256 GB SSD, 8 GB of RAM, a keyboard cum base that looks nice and solid (and has Lenovo’s trademark keys, a definite plus), and a stylus too.

As should be glaringly obvious, the Helix 2 will cost a pretty penny – most probably considerably more than $1000 for the top of the line versions.

Let’s wait and see how the launches go. Are any of you looking to buy one of these units when they drop?

source [Tablet-News]

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Lenovo IdeaTab S8-50 now available for pre-order

Lenovo has been having something of a field season, so to speak – even though it’s an established fact that only Apple and Samsung are really making money in tech nowadays, and the latter has been struggling for a little while now. Their tablets and smartphones have been well received and that’s quite a good start. Now we’ve received word that the company is gearing up to introduce a new smallish tablet, the IdeaTab S8-50. Find out more about this tablet down below!

Lenovo IdeaTab S8 Android tablet PC IdeaTab S8-50
image via ubergizmo.com

The IdeaTab S8-50 writ large?

The S8 moniker is far from new – as our source tells us, it’s been bandied about quite a bit at the US FCC and on different tech sites as well for a little while now. But vis-à-vis what’s already been said about the S8, the details our source is revealing about the IdeaTab S8-50 are rather more substantial.

We hear that this supposedly upcoming tablet will – as its name suggests – come with an 8-inch display. It’ll purportedly be powered by a 1.86 GHz Intel Atom Z3745 Bay Trail processor and is said to have 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of built-in memory (there’s no indication about expandability just yet). Camera-wise, it’ll supposedly drop with an 8 MP main shooter and a 1.6 MP front camera for selfie-takers. Lastly, it’ll come with LTE connectivity and will also be running Android 4.4 KitKat.

Where and how much?

This is the interesting part. The Lenovo IdeaTab S8-50 is available for pre-order at this online retailer called Merimobiles, where it can be preordered for the price of – are you sitting down? – $0.00. The device has a recommended retail price of $300, placing it in the midrange of the tablet market, but it can be preordered for that miniscule amount. Online buzz suggests that this pricing scheme doesn’t mean that the S8-50 is being given out for free, but merely that this is one way by which Merimobiles might be attempting to gauge the market’s interest in this device.

That’s an interesting way to go about finding out interest – let’s see how it goes – and let’s wait and see whether the S8-50 does drop in this current form.

source [Merimobiles]

via [Ubergizmo]

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Croma debuts two new Windows 8.1 tablets in India

And the Windows tablet debut party continues! Tech firm Croma, a big retailer in the Indian market, has just debuted two new Windows slates – an 8-incher and a 10-incher. Want to find out more about them? Read on, friends!

Croma 1177 Windows 8.1 convertible tablet PC
image via gadgets.NDTV.com

All about the new Croma slates

For starters, no catchy names here – the 8-incher is named the Croma 1179 and the 10-incher the Croma 1177. Prices begin at around US $230 for the 1179 and US $361 for the 1177, placing these devices firmly in midrange territory.

The 1179’s 8 inch screen sports a 1280 x 800 resolution. It’s powered by a 1.33 GHz Intel Atom Z3735D processor (the Bay Trail-T). It runs 2 GB of RAM and has 32 GB of internal storage – no word as to whether more (or less) storage options will be available. But anyway, users can also take advantage of the unit’s built-in microSD card slot. Lastly, the unit’s battery is 5000 mAh, which should translate to good battery life if a user doesn’t push his or her unit too far. Lastly, the 1179 comes with two cameras and both are 2 MP units – strange given that the rear or main snapper is usually far more powerful than the front-facing one, but anyway.

The larger 1177 is rather more interesting than its little brother. Our source says that it’s a two in one product that integrates the functionalities of a laptop and a tablet – ergo, it’s got a detachable keyboard. It apparently comes with the same processor that powers its little brother, although Croma hasn’t seen fit to mention anything about its clock speed. The other interesting fact about the 1177 is that it comes with a SIM card slot – it’s a 3G unit – but apparently doesn’t come with an LTE option, at least not yet.

To sweeten the pot, Croma is offering a year’s subscription to Microsoft 365 with the purchase of either of these tablets.

So where can you get one?

The Croma 1179 and 1177 will be available at Croma’s brick and mortar stores and through its website too. (As of this writing, neither is available just yet online; nor has the company apparently said when they can be purchased.) In addition, the company is to sell the tablets online through another online partner in the near future.

source [NDTV]

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Asus Transformer Pad TF303CL drops in Japan

The good (and tech-crazy) folks who live in Japan don’t lack for electronics choices, and this is true in terms of tablets as it is for so many other things. Asus is adding to this merry, mad mix by debuting its Transformer Pad TF303CL in the Land of the Rising Sun. Scroll down and find out more about this tablet!

Not really a standout, but still worthy

This new Transformer Pad isn’t really going to raise eyebrows, but that’s not really an issue. It’s still an interesting new tablet that stands a decent chance of making many people happy if they give it a chance.

For starters, this unit’s got a 10.1-inch full HD display, which means to say that it boasts a 1920 x 1080 pixel count – not too shabby really. It’s powered by a quad-core Intel Atom Z3745 Bay Trail T processor, which is clocked at 1.33 GHz. Unfortunately the RAM count is a little on the low side – it sports only 2 GB of RAM – and, based on experience, this won’t nearly be enough for many power-mad users in this day and age.

It’s got cameras, too, of course. The main one is a 5 MP affair that has a CMOS sensor but is otherwise unremarkable; the front-facing one is a 1.2 MP unit.

Other features? This is an LTE-sporting unit – no indication yet as to whether a less-expensive unit without LTE will also make its way to the Japanese market – and it’s also got Bluetooth 4.0, too. Battery-wise, it’s not bereft; you get a 6,760 mAh of juice.

Lastly, the Transformer Pad TF303CL joins the quickly swelling ranks of gadgets available in gold. In case gold doesn’t work for you, no worries; you can get it in blue or white instead. (No black? That’ll be a first, if so.)

How much?

We’re a bit surprised to hear that the Asus Transformer Pad TF303CL will cost about US $452 when it drops in Japan – that seems a bit high for what you get, but let’s see.

Oh, and when might you be able to get one? Try searching for it at your friendly neighborhood Japanese retail outlet starting August 2.

[Source: TabTech.de] (German site)

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Updated Acer Aspire Switch 10 Windows tablet surfaces in Europe

The Acer Aspire Switch 10 Windows 8.1 tablet has been around for a little while now. In case you’re scratching your head and can’t remember exactly what it is, this is Acer’s 10-inch IPS 1366 x 768-pixel Windows tablet that can function as a laptop thanks to its keyboard accessory, but can quickly be pivoted into three other distinct positions (“tent” mode, “reverse laptop” mode and pure tablet) as users require or desire. This model is known as the SW5-011. Now we’ve received word that an updated version of the Switch 10 has broken cover. Read on and find out more about it!

Acer Aspire Switch 10 SW5-012 Windows convertible tablet PC

 “Minor” updates

So the new model has been given the name of SW5-012 – we suppose you can see this as the SW5-011 plus 1, if you feel like it. Apparently the biggest update to the Switch 10 is the display: the old one has been replaced with a new 10.1 inch display that boasts higher resolution: 1920 x 1200 pixels. Something quite significant for all the pixel-addicts out there (and there are many of them these days). The new display has a different ratio as well: 16:10.

Another change has to do with the processor. Unfortunately, according to our source, the new processor – the quad-core Intel Atom Z3735F Bay Trail, which can, at full boost, run at 1.83 GHz per core – is slightly less powerful than the unit it replaces. The situation with some of the included software is apparently just as iffy; we hear that the new version will no longer come with the full version of Microsoft Office 2013 and will only have one year of access to Office 365.

Most of the other stuff hasn’t changed; the new Switch 10’s RAM holds steady at 2 GB and the internal memory remains 64 GB.

A tad pricier, too

We’ve also learned that this new iteration of the Acer Aspire Switch 10 will be a bit pricier than its predecessor, at around 480 Euros versus 399 Euros for the outgoing model. Some of you might be a bit disheartened at that. Essentially, to us at least, what will make or break this new model will be whether the quality of the new screen will outweigh the “disadvantages” conferred by the supposedly “inferior” components that have been substituted for the newer ones. Let’s see how this particular cookie crumbles.

source [TabTech.de] (German site)

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