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Slate 17, the all-in-one Android desktop/tablet from HP

So back in July, we got a sneak peek of a large (and unannounced) tablet PC from HP, the Slate 17. Well, the company seems semi-ready to release it as it has made appearances in the HP website. So what is it? In case you missed the first report and if you’re curious about this all-in-one, then read on!

HP Slate 17 – The all-in-one Android desktop/tablet PC

Well, like all all-in-one devices, the Slate 17 can pretty much do everything. You can use it as a large tablet or as a desktop PC. As the name suggests, this baby has a 17-inch screen. According to HP’s site, it’s equipped with a full HD 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution panel. As the benchmark indicated, the said unit will feature an Intel Celeron N2807 x86 quad-core processor, 2 GB of RAM, and 32 GB of built-in storage.

Our source filled in the rest of the features – the Slate 17 will reportedly have an HDMI port, a USB 2.0 port, a memory card reader, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, along with a 720p webcam. It even has Beats Audio, if you’re into that kind of thing.

It weighs a pretty much expected 5.4 pounds (around 2.4 kg), but at least you can carry it from room to room without having to worry about wall sockets for 5 hours. Software-wise, this all-in-one will ship with Android 4.4 KitKat.

So how does this go from one mode to another? With two kickstands. The smaller one allows you to prop it up ever so slightly, so the top part is slightly raised when the unit is laid on a table. The bigger kickstand props it up fully into a desktop display. Watch it in action below:

Pricing and availability

So how much is the HP Slate 17? Sources say it will be sporting a US $450 price tag once it hits the shelves. We’re not sure when exactly, but we will let you know once HP divulges that bit of info.

So, what do you think? The Slate 17 is considerably cheaper than its bigger brothers (the Slate 21 and 21 Pro), and while it isn’t terribly portable like, say, the Slate 8 Pro, it does offer a lot more screen real estate than the other members of the Slate line.

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HP launches new Envy x2 two-in-one lineup

Not all the tablets that saw the light of day at IFA 2014 are bargain units. HP, for one, has trotted out its high-end Envy x2 lineup of two-in-one tablet cum laptop devices. Read on to find out more about them!

HP Envy x2 tablet PC hybrid

HP’s twin titans

As our source says, these two – dubbed the Envy x2 13 and Envy x2 15 – will be among the first computers that feature the Intel Core M Broadwell low-power processors. As such, they’ll be drawing a bit more attention than such devices normally would.

Well, we feel that another reason for such would be the sheer size of these units. As their names suggest, the x2 15 will have a 15.6 inch display, while the x2 13 will boast a 13.3 inch display. Both will come standard with a fabric covered and backlit Bluetooth keyboard, which incorporates a docking station and will let both tablets be used as notebooks.

The x2 15 will have up to 500 GB of hybrid hard drive internal storage, while the x2 15 will come with up to 256 GB of solid state internal storage. Both tablets will also feature Beats Audio, and, in press photos, look like they come with large front-facing speakers (which appear rather similar to those in HTC’s high end smartphones, but anyway). Other features of interest include a loop in the keyboard section that is probably intended for a digital pen or stylus. Perhaps some models and/or configurations will come with one standard or optional.

We agree with our source that while it’s definitely good to see that manufacturers are coming out with new units that harness the potential of the Core M Broadwell processors, we hope that smaller and more portable units will be sold soon. We’re unsure as to whether large devices such as these (with detachable screens) have too much of a market.

Price and availability

If you’re interested in these new devices, you shouldn’t have to wait too long for them. The Envy x2 13 will be sold beginning October 29 starting at US $1,050, whereas the Envy x2 15 will cost US $950 and up when it’s made available for purchase beginning November 5.

source [Liliputing]

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HP’s new Slate 6 VoiceTab Plus debuts on GFXBench

A few months back, Hewlett-Packard introduced two VoiceTab phablets, and from the looks of it, the company is ready to refresh the smaller 6-inch model. Meet the HP Slate 6 VoiceTab Plus. If the GFXBench specs are to be believed, the Plus is basically a slightly improved version of the phablet’s first iteration. So what can we expect from this little baby?

HP Slate 6 VoiceTab Plus Android Phablet

The 411 on the Slate 6 VoiceTab Plus

For one thing, it’s ever so slightly smaller at 5.9 inches. The 1280 x 720 pixel resolution display supports at least 5 finger gesture support and is backed up with a 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 ARM Cortex-A7 quad core processor, an Adreno 305 graphics processor, and 1 GB of RAM. There’s 16 GB of on board storage, and if the Slate 6 VoiceTab Plus follows its predecessor’s footsteps, it will most likely come with a microSD card slot for extra space too. According to the details listed in the benchmark, this baby will also feature two cameras – a 7 MP main shooter and a 1.8 MP front camera.

Other features include Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, a SIM card slot, and all your standard sensors (accelerometer, compass, GPS, gyroscope, light, and proximity). If the deets listed are to be believed, this phablet will pack Google’s latest operating system, Android 4.4.4 KitKat.

We’ll have to wait for the rest of the details

That’s because the HP Slate 6 VoiceTab Plus is still technically unofficial. We’ll keep an eye out for any official announcements once HP decides to throw us a bone.

In the meantime, what do you think? It’s certainly better than the first Slate 6. HP traded in the Marvell processor and upgraded it to a Qualcomm CPU while the main camera received a boost from 5 MP to 7 MP. The rest is pretty much the same – though we’ll know that for sure once the official spec sheet becomes available.

The original Slate 6 hit the stores in India and sold for 22,990 rupees (somewhere in the vicinity of US $370). Will the Plus model arrive on these shores? And if so, how much? Would you buy this phablet? Tell us in the comments below.

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Source [GFXBench]

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Could an HP Slate 17 be on the way?

Ah, choice. HP’s yet another of those firms that seem bent on giving today’s ever pickier crop of tech customers with an ever-growing range of shiny new units that stand out vis-à-vis the competition, or at least try to. We’re hearing rumblings that the company’s all-in-one desktop/tablets, the 21-inch Slate 21 and Slate 21 Pro models, might soon be joined by a 17-inch version – an HP Slate 17, if you will. Scroll down to find out more!

HP Slate 17 Android tablet PC - GFXBench

Slate 17: Outed by GFXBench

If the HP Slate 17, as it just might be known as, is for real, we have the benchmarking website GFXBench to thank. This supposed upcoming unit’s broken cover on said site (and you can head down to our source link to have a look at the actual page).

Eager to learn more about the Slate 17? OK, it supposedly boasts a 17.2-in, 1920 x 1080-pixel display; is purportedly powered by an Intel Celeron N2807 (dual-core) processor; and comes with just 2 GB RAM and 32 GB of storage space. OS-wise, it’s more or less up to date, running Android 4.4 (KitKat) – yup, this is one of those desktops that runs Android.

As befits its supposed “desktop” profile, the “Slate 17” doesn’t come with a rear camera or GPS… which is probably for the best. (Taking selfies or other pictures with cameras mounted on the rear of units this big might be really iffy.)

If this unit will be anything like its purported big brothers, it’s also going to have a built-in battery, which will make positioning and repositioning it a cinch (until, of course, you drain the battery dry). Its heft and weight, however, will doubtlessly make it a bit tough to cart around.

So, how much?

There’s no word on the HP Slate 17’s price, or even a hint of how much it might go for. Still, it might be a compelling product, so why don’t we all just wait and see, especially if you’re on the verge of buying an all-in-one? After all, there are precious few tablets that convert to home systems and vice versa, so you’d probably be best served to keep abreast of new entrants to the market.

source [ GFXBench]

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HP ElitePad 1000 G2 up for pre-order, ProPad 600 G1 coming soon

So a few months back, Hewlett-Packard announced a couple of business-oriented Windows 8.1 tablet PCs, the ElitePad 1000 G2 and the ProPad 600 G1. We had been under the impression that the former was already available, but apparently it has just been made available for pre-order on HP’s online store. The latter model hasn’t yet appeared on the store, and it still has a “Coming Soon” on its product page.

So what do you get from these two babies anyway?

HP ProPad 600 G1 Windows 8.1 tablet PC

HP ElitePad 1000 G2 Windows 8.1 Tablet PC

HP: ElitePad 1000 G2 available for pre-order; ProPad 600 G1 coming soon

In case you missed the first announcement on these tablet PCs, here are their specs and features:

ElitePad 1000 G2

Display 10.1-inch WXGA UWVA, 1920 x 1200 pixel resolution with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 and a built-in digitizer
CPU and GPU Intel Atom 3795 Bay Trail-T quad-core (1.6 GHz, with bursts of up to 2.39 GHz) with Intel HD Graphics
Storage 64 GB and 128 GB options
Cameras 2.1 MP front-facing camera

8 MP main camera with LED flash

Connectivity WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0 (optional LTE and HSPA+ connectivity)
Battery 2-cell 30 Whr Li-ion
Size and Weight 7.01 x 10.28 x 0.36 in (178 x 261 x 9.2 mm)

1.5 lbs (0.68 kg)

Operating System Windows 8.1 64-bit or Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit

As the name suggests, the ElitePad is their premium model and will come in an aluminium case.

ProPad 800 G1

Display 10.1-inch WXGA UWVA, 1920 x 1200 pixel resolution with Corning Gorilla Glass 3
CPU and GPU 1.46 GHz Intel Atom Z3775 quad-core processor (32-bit)

1.6 GHz Intel Atom Z3795 quad-core processor (64-bit)

Note: Both Bay Trail processors have burst speeds of up to 2.39 GHz.

RAM 2 GB and 4 GB options
Storage 32 GB and 64 GB options
Cameras 2 MP front-facing camera

8 MP main camera with autofocus

Connectivity WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0 + LE
Battery 8380 mAh lithium polymer (2-cell 31 Wh)
Size and Weight 10.2 x 0.4 x 7.2 in (259.6 x 9.9 x 181.8 mm)

1.44 lbs (0.652 kg)

Operating System Windows 8.1 32-bit or Windows 8.1 Pro 32-bit

Windows 8.1 64-bit or Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit

Ports and Slots MicroSD card slot, micro USB 2.0, micro HDMI

The ProPad is marketed as the cheaper option between the two and models from this line will be encased in plastic.

Pricing and Availability

According to HP’s online store, some varieties of the ElitePad 1000 G2 will ship later this month, while the rest will be available early June. The most basic model (with Windows 8.1 Small Screen Touch OS 64, 64 GB storage) has a US $699 price tag.

We’ll have to wait for further news about the Propad 600 G1, so stay tuned.

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Meet HP’s Slate 8 Pro Business Tablet

Late last year, Hewlett Packard released the Slate 8 Pro, an 8-inch Android tablet with an Nvidia Tegra 4 processor. According to reports, a business model of the said tablet PC has just been released, aptly called the Slate 8 Pro Business tablet. Check it out below.

HP Slate 8 Pro Business tablet PC

Slate 8 Pro Business packs KitKat, Tegra 4

The Business model is pretty much like its consumer-centric brother in terms of tech specs. It packs an 8-inch WVA TFT LCD display with a 1600 x 1200 pixel resolution and Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection. It’s powered by a 1.8 GHz Nvidia Tegra 4 ARM Cortex-A15 processor, 1 GB of LPDDR3 RAM, and a 16 GB SSD. Other features include a 720p front-facing camera, an 8 MP rear-facing camera with auto-focus and LED flash, a micro USB 2.0 port, a micro HDMI port, and a microSD card slot. The Slate 8 Pro Business has WiFi (Miracast compatible) and Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. According to the tech specs, it can provide eleven and a half hours of video playback on a single charge, courtesy of its 2-cell 21 WHr Li-ion polymer battery.

The slate will measure 8.66 x 5.57 x 0.39 in (220 x 141.5 x 9.9 mm) and weigh around a pound (453.59 g). This depends on the configuration though.

So what’s the difference between this and last year’s model? Well, a couple of things. This will ship out with Google’s latest OS, Android 4.4 KitKat and will pack NFC capabilities too.

Pricing and Availability

The other difference is that it is 20 dollars more expensive than the consumer version released last year. The Slate 8 Pro Business tablet is already available at HP’s online store and it retails for US $349.

It doesn’t look like much of an update, does it? The Slate 8 Pro is one of the faster Android devices out there, considering the Tegra 4 CPU, but we’re sure customers were hoping for more than a software update. The RAM, for one, could use an upgrade.

Here’s some food for thought. With a little more money, you can get Samsung’s new Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 (US $399). It packs a sharper 2560 x 1600 pixel resolution display and a zippier 2.3 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor. The Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 (US $379) and the Apple iPad mini with Retina display (US $399) also have better specs and screen quality.

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HP 8 1401 – Yet another budget Android?

Last year, Hewlett-Packard released three tablet PCs in the Chinese market under the Compaq name. This year, it took one model from that line up, stamped it with an HP 8 1401 name, and released it in North American shores. As you may have probably gathered from the model number, they’ve brought the 8-inch Android slate. What does it have to offer? Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

HP 8 1401 Android tablet PC

HP 8 1401 – $170 Android tablet PC

Better get this out of the way first: this device, like most of HP’s low cost offerings, is generally unremarkable. According to HP’s data sheet, the HP 8 1401 features a 7.85-inch IPS display with a 1024 x 768 pixel resolution. Under the hood, it features a 1.0 GHz Allwinner A31 ARM Cortex-A7 quad core processor, 1 GB DDR3 of SDRAM, and 16 GB eMMC of internal storage. Other features include a 0.3 MP front-facing camera, a 2.0 MP rear-facing camera, WiFi connectivity (Miracast compatible), a micro USB 2.0 port, and a microSD card slot that can support up to 32 GB of extra storage space. It also packs a 3800 mAh lithium polymer battery that can reportedly last up to 7 hours of use on a single charge.

The HP 8 1401 ships with an Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean operating system and a bunch of other applications from HP and services from Google. This slate measures 7.89 x 5.37 x 0.31 in (200.3 x 136.3 x 7.95 mm) and weighs 0.69 lb.

Pricing and Availability

The HP 8 1401 is already available at the HP store, retailing for US $169.99. Would you want to buy it? Well, with the multitude of low cost Android tablets in the market, it’s very easy to find something that gets you better value for money.

Take HP’s very own HP Slate7 Plus, for example. At US $149, you get the same version of Android, a last generation Nvidia Tegra 3 processor, and a 7-inch WVA HD display with a 1280 x 800 pixel resolution. It even has Bluetooth connectivity. There are many comparable slates out there, and you don’t have to look too hard. If you want something in the same general size and dimension area of the iPad mini though, then go for the HP 8.

For more budget-friendly slates, check out this link.

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HP ProPad 600 G1, the Windows 8 business slate

As we mentioned in a previous post, Hewlett-Packard has announced their newest business-oriented tablet PCs, one of which is the ProPad 600 G1. HP calls it “an everyday ally,” a tablet with a Bay Trail processor, a Windows 8.1 operating system, and a long battery life. What else does it have to offer? Read on.

HP ProPad 600 G1 Windows 8.1 tablet PC

HP ProPad 600 G1 – New business tablet from HP

This tablet PC features a 10.1-inch WUXGA screen with a 1920 x 1200 pixel resolution at a 16:10 aspect ratio with ultra-wide viewing angles and Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection. Like most tablet PCs built for enterprise use, the HP ProPad 600 G1 is available in different configurations. The entry level model features a 1.46 GHz Intel Atom Z3775 quad-core processor (32-bit), 2 GB of SDRAM, and 32 GB eMMC of internal storage space. The higher end version packs a slightly zippier 1.6 GHz Intel Atom Z3795 quad-core processor (64-bit), 4 GB of SDRAM, and 64 GB eMMC of storage space. Both Bay Trail CPUs can reach burst speeds of up to 2.39 GHz.

Other features include a microSD card slot (that can support SDXC), WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0 + LE connectivity, a micro USB port, a micro HDMI port, a 2 MP front-facing camera (with LED indicator), and an 8 MP rear shooter (with auto-focus). It also packs a non-removable 8380 mAh lithium polymer battery. HP didn’t indicate how long this can last, but we’re assuming it could provide power for at least an entire workday. The ProPad 600 G1 measures 10.2 x 0.4 x 7.2 in (259.6 x 9.9 x 181.8 mm) and weights 1.44 lb (652 g).

Software-wise, both the entry level and high end versions will offer Windows 8.1 and 8.1 Pro. There are a number of business oriented apps that are preinstalled, including Skype, Internet Explorer, and HP ePrint, among others.

Pricing and Availability

You may be asking, “What makes this different from the ElitePad 1000 G2?” Well, the new ElitePad features support for cellular networks and a pretty aluminum case, while the ProPad will only have Wi-Fi connectivity and a plastic case.

HP has not released an official announcement regarding the ProPad 600 G1’s pricing, but according to reports, it should be cheaper than the already-released ElitePad 1000 (which starts at US $739). We should get a definite price tag as we get closer to the slate’s launch date in April. Stay tuned.

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Meet the HP ElitePad 1000 G2

Hewlett-Packard is updating their enterprise-centric line of tablet PCs and one of their newest slates in the bunch is the ElitePad 1000 G2. It’s a 10-inch Windows tablet with Windows 8.1 and a Bay Trail-T processor. Read on to know more about it!

HP ElitePad 1000 G2 Windows 8.1 Tablet PC

HP ElitePad 1000 G2 – Business-centric

Okay, let’s start with that 10.1-inch display. The ElitePad 1000 G2 features a WXGA UWVA screen that can push out a 1900 x 1200 pixel resolution display with a 16:10 aspect ratio. It’s protected with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 and has a digitizer built-in. The slate has an Intel Atom Z3795 Bay Trail-T quad-core processor that clocks in at 1.6 GHz and maxes out to up to 2.39 GHz with Intel Burst Technology. It has an Intel HD Graphics GPU and a 4 GB LPDDR3 SDRAM to back that up. It’s available in two storage eMMC SSD options, 64 and 128 GB. It also packs a 2.1 MP front-facing camera, an 8 MP rear-facing camera with LED flash, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, and a 2-cell 30 WHr Li-ion polymer battery. According to the specs sheet, the 1000 also offers support for micro SDXC cards and optional LTE and mobile broadband features.

You can choose to have a Windows 8.1 or Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit operating system installed in this rig. Aesthetics-wise, the HP ElitePad 1000 G2 features an aluminum case that gives it a sleek, but tough feel to it. It measures at 7.01 x 10.28 x 0.36 in (178 x 261 x 9.2 mm) and weighs 1.5 lbs (0.68 kg).

Does the features list seem a little slim to you? Well, this is meant for businesses and IT departments and such, so it does not have features that we have all come to expect on new tablet PC releases. The rest of its features centers on security and other business-centric software. There are several built-in applications that are geared toward those two things, including HP Client security, Microsoft Defender, and Drive Encryption, among other things. So yeah. This one wasn’t really made for consumers in mind.

Pricing and Availability

Anyway, the HP ElitePad 1000 G2 is already available at the HP store, where the Windows 8.1 version retails for US $739 while the Windows 8.1 Pro version has a US $789 price tag.

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Slate6 VoiceTab and Slate7 VoiceTab: HP’s new phablets

Phablets, as odious as the moniker may sound, have started to get a foot hold on the market – or at least, Hewlett-Packard seems to think so. They’ve just released two new devices that blur the lines between tablets and smartphones. Enter the HP Slate6 VoiceTab and Slate7 VoiceTab. Are they phones with huge screens? Or are they tablet PCs with phone capabilities? Check them out below.

HP Slate6 VoiceTab and Slate7 VoiceTab

HP’s Slate6 VoiceTab and Slate7 VoiceTab – Phablets

Well, officially they’re smartphones with oversized displays, but since they do have the “Slate” branded into them, we couldn’t resist. Anyway, what do these babies have to offer?

The HP Slate6 VoiceTab, as the name suggests, packs a 6-inch IPS display with a 1280 x 720 pixel resolution. Under the hood, it features a 1.2 GHz Marvell PXA1088 quad-core processor with 1 GB of RAM and 16 GB of built-in storage space. Other features include a microSD card slot (which can support up to 32 GB of extra space), a micro USB 2.0 port, and WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity with GPRS and EDGE thrown in as well. It will have a 2 MP front-facing camera for selfies and a 5 MP rear shooter with auto focus and LED flash. Everything will be powered with a 3000 mAh battery.

The HP Slate7 VoiceTab, on the other hand, has a 7-inch IPS display with the same 1280 x 720 pixel resolution. It also has the same quad-core CPU from Marvell, 1 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal storage. It will pretty much have the same features as its smaller brother, but it will have a much larger 4100 mAh battery. The product page for this model doesn’t indicate a LED flash for the rear-facing camera though.

Both will feature the Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean operating system out of the box and both will feature dual SIM capabilities. Check them out in action below:

Pricing and Availability

As you may have probably guessed from the video, the HP Slate6 VoiceTab and Slate7 VoiceTab will hit the shelves in India first. The Slate6 VoiceTab will sell for 22,990 rupees, roughly around US $370. The Slate7 VoiceTab does not have a price tag yet.

So. What do you think? Would you like these babies to land in your side of the pond?

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