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Google and LG to sell a Project Tango tablet in 2015

Hold on to your beanies, tech boys and girls. At the recently concluded Google I/O, Google announced that it and LG are partnering to bring a tablet running the pioneering Project Tango 3D mapping and modeling device to the market as soon as next year!

Google Project Tango

Cool, but what’s Project Tango?

OK, for those of you not in the know, Project Tango is an initiative of Google’s Advanced Tech and Projects (ATAP), which was formerly part of Motorola and was retained after Google sold Motorola to Lenovo. ATAP is tasked to craft and roll out next-gen, cutting-edge tech and devices. For its part, Project Tango focuses on combining purpose-built hardware and custom-created software (built using Android as a foundation) to generate real-time 3D maps of the world.  Advanced stuff, but only available at the eye-opening price of US $1,000 and change.

Why LG? Those of you who’ve been following the tech and gadget press know that LG is a trusted partner of Google – it’s been tapped to craft two Nexus devices, among others. Working with a partner such as LG will help Google leverage its hardware creation expertise and, we think, will also help ensure that the price of the tablet will be somewhat more palatable than the current one.

As for what you can do with such a device, well… Imagine being able to scan a room precisely and exactly just by standing in the center and activating your tablet, and then, say, switching décor and furniture to see exactly how it might look without even needing to lift your head – or doing the same with a garden or a commercial space. Imagine playing games that seamlessly incorporate both people and things around you – even those that are in motion. And so on, and so forth.

When and how much?

Well, we’re as excited as you all are to find out when this super-tablet will drop and how much it’ll go for, but no details are available just yet. We feel certain that Google and LG are working hard to bring it to market as soon as possible, though, and at a price that’s far more palatable to the public.

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