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Intel debuts Reference Design for Android program aimed at tablets

Intel really wants its chips to take pride of place in Android tablets. It should come as no surprise, then, that the company’s working to make it easier for tablet makers to drop Intel chips into their tablets. Thus this new program. Find out more about the Intel Reference Design for Android program right here, right now!

Reference Design for Android: Meeting the need for speed (and ease)

Intel is aiming to make it easier and faster for companies to drive the engineering process. More specifically, the firm will offer device makers a single “binary image” of Android that they guarantee will work with a certain hardware set – a list of pre-qualified components – or complete specifications. Armed with these two things, they can then craft their system of choice.

How will this help? Well, place yourselves in the shoes of these prospective tablet makers. It can be a wild, wooly process crafting an Android tablet. Hunting down and testing components that will support Android, or, conversely, reworking Android to work with the hardware you’ve got on hand and/or which you want to work with, can be an expensive and costly process that can turn off all but the most dedicated and/or deep-pocketed. So, just try to imagine how these folks would react were a company – such as Intel is doing at present – offer them a particular sort of Android, one which is guaranteed to work perfectly with parts on a supplied list?

Not only this, but Intel also claims that it will be able to provide end users – the people who buy the completed tablets – with Android updates within no more than two weeks of new releases emanating from Google itself. Android updates, as many an Android user knows all too well, can take months to arrive, when they do arrive at all, that is. So as you can see, even consumers stand to win – at least, that’s what Intel is claiming.

But that’s not all; our source says that Intel will also help its partners with Google certification of their finished products, to help them enjoy reduced costs and speed up development time.

Does the future look bright for Android tablets?

We think it might, if the Reference Design for Android program works out as Intel promises it will, that is. (It could help ensure that the resultant tablets adhere to Google levels of quality – and don’t need to end up as no-name Android tablets that don’t run Google services!)

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