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Cube launches Talk 8H 3G tablet in China

Are you in China and would you happen to be in the market for an inexpensive (read: really inexpensive) new tablet? If so, and if Android is your thing, you might just want to consider this new device from the Chinese firm Cube. Read on to find out more about the Talk 8H “voice tablet”!

Cube Talk 8H 3G Android tablet PC
image via pbhz.com

Race to the bottom

The race to push out ever less expensive tablets is accelerating – brought on, perhaps, by the fact that Microsoft and its hardware partners have joined the fray and Google and its own partners may be beginning to feel threatened as a result –and so we have products such as this one. While spec-wise it’s no great shakes, for the segment in which it competes, it’s far from chopped liver.

The Cube Talk 8H has, as its name suggests, an 8 inch IPS display that boasts 1280 x 800 resolution. Said display stands out, at least on paper, despite its run of the mill stats – it’s enhanced by this technology called PLS, which, according to Cube, boosts image clarity even at extreme angles.

Processing power is provided by the familiar quad core MediaTek MT8382 processor – in this instance, clocked at 1.3 GHz –and it’s also got 3G connectivity, making it possible for users to make phone calls using it. (Consumers in Asia really make a beeline for phablets or big-screen devices that incorporate voice-calling functions, so it’s no surprise that the Talk 8H has this feature.) We also suspect this device may have FM radio compatibility.

Storage space is at a minimum, being all of 8 GB; we’re unsure as to whether a memory card slot is provided to allow users to bolster it. If you’re a photo or video buff, you’ll be happy to hear that you also get two photo cameras, although our source wasn’t able to provide any specifications. Neither is the strength of the battery discussed.

Lastly, while we’re unsure as to what colors are available, we know of at least two: yellow and white.

Well, how much?

If you’re in China and in the market for an inexpensive, multifeatured Android slate, you might as well check the Cube Talk 8H out. Brand spanking new, it costs just the equivalent of $65 – a bargain if there ever was one!

source [PBHZ]

via [Tablet News]

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