Viva “Volantis”! Here’s the Rumored HTC 8.9” Nexus Tablet

All the uncertainty about the Nexus lineup notwithstanding, HTC seems to be continuing to work on the next-generation midsize Nexus tablet for Google. Android Police has just posted information regarding the HTC’s rumored 8.9-inch Nexus tablet, the “Volantis” (its other name appears to be “Flounder” – perhaps not the best name for the latest member of a lineup whose future might be on the rocks, but we digress.)

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Some hot “Volantis” (rumored) stats right here

The specs are really quite appealing – Android Police claims that the Volantis’ 8.9 inch screen will possess a 2048 x 1440 pixel resolution and will be powered by the NVIDIA Logan 64-bit processor, making it something of a powerhouse. What’s more, the tablet’s body is also said to be noteworthy; it’s supposedly made of aluminum and will boast zero-gap construction.

The Volantis will supposedly be just 0.79 cm thick and will weigh 418 grams. That’s for the Wi-Fi version; the LTE version is said to weigh only a tiny bit more, 427 grams. Stereo front-facing speakers make the Volantis a gaming and multimedia lover’s delight. The cameras don’t seem particularly powerful, however, at just 8 MP (main) and 3 MP (front-facing), if you’re the kind of person for whom megapixel count matters. Neither does the 2 GB RAM nor the 16 GB/32 GB of internal storage impress, although, again, this isn’t too far off from what you get with similar tablets.

Shut up and take my money!

If you’re sold, you may want to set aside US $399 for the 16 GB or US $499 for the 32 GB Wi-Fi versions of the Volantis. Further, LTE connectivity will supposedly cost quite a bit more (possibly as much as $600 and up). Of course, as Android Police notes, the pricing may very well change between now and the launch date.

Android Police adds that the Volantis’ will be no mere product launch when it happens; it’s rumored to be the launch device for the next version of Android (“Android L”) when it’s purported to drop in Q4 2014. (It seems a bit unrealistic to expect the Volantis to be introduced at Google I/O, which is only a few days away.) Further, Android Silver, as many experts have already said, may well be the death knell of the Nexus program, but given that the Silver products may not be introduced until 2015, a couple more Nexus devices to keep the lineup fresh may be in the offing.

Then again, who knows? Everything here could be correct, only some of it, or none of it at all. Only time will tell – and come visit us again for more on the HTC Volantis!

source [ Android Police ]

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