4W’s of Windows 8 tablets

A lot of reports have been circulating around the internet about Windows 8 tablets and though a lot of details are still pretty hazy, experts and market analysts offer their expectations and speculations regarding the upcoming slates. Here are a few rumours, speculations, and things you may want to know about the upcoming tablets.

What will they have to offer?

There are lot to look forward to in Windows 8 tablets, and many experts are excited about them. Here’s what we know for sure: the said tablets will have the Metro interface, will feature Microsoft’s SkyDive cloud-based storage, and the Microsoft Office. The Metro user interface is said to be a lot like Windows Phone 7, with its clean looks and fluid functionality. According to tablet computer reviews of those who have tried the operating system, the said user interface is optimised for touch input, though it can handle keyboard and mouse input equally well.

SkyDive, on the other hand, is another feature many people are looking forward to. It’ll allow you to use your Windows ID to access your data from whichever device you’re currently using (Xbox, PC, or tablet). Microsoft Office should prove to be an awesome addition and will be much appreciated on hybrid Windows 8 tablets.

Which market would they likely sell?

According to reports and other tablet computer news, corporate customers will likely appreciate Windows 8 tablets better. The hybrid’s flexibility offers content creation and presentation with one device. With the said flexibility and the Microsoft Office, Windows 8 tablets should be attractive for business-centric users.

When can we expect them?

We can start making tablet PC comparison articles about Windows 8 tablets as soon as they hit the shelves, and according to rumours, that may happen in late 2012. The operating system’s beta release is expected by the end of February 2012. It’s still a long way off, and some analysts express that that may not bode well for Microsoft as their competitors will have had plenty of time to improve their hardware and software as well.

Who will be making them?

Many manufacturers have expressed interest in making Windows 8 tablets. Expected adopters of the operating system include Nokia, Hewlett-Packard, Dell, and Asus.

There you have it folks. All things considered, there’s a lot to be expected from Windows 8 tablets. Stay tuned, we’ll keep you posted on more updates and rumours about them.

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